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Because who doesn’t like a show about Nazis and Rosicrucians and clocks and science-lab babies and fate and clocks? PHOTOS: Tim Goodman's 15 Best TV Dramas of 2012 Anthony Edwards plays Hank Galliston, editor-in-chief of magazine, which is quite handy given where we’re going with this.

Her store is ransacked, and she’s kidnapped by “White Vincent” (Michael Nyqvist), the most-wanted terrorist on the FBI watch list.

This is the part where delves into its mythology and mystery and viewers are just going to have to jump on for the ride.

The story reaches back to 1938 Nazi Germany and the Rosicrucians -- a secret society, allegedly nonreligious but played as religious here, that first appeared in 17th century Germany and is concerned with applying ancient truths to modern life -- who are making a last-ditch effort to save the world.

I’m not sure how far the show will go with the Rosicrucian angle because the group remains active, but the facts about them have been debated for centuries, leaving room for writers to get creative and build drama.

Alex Gibney will turn his documentary “Zero Days” into a fictionalized drama series, The Wrap has learned.

The series is working under the title “Stuxnet,” which Gibney will executive produce alongside Stephen Schiff and Marc Shmuger. The first season will a be thriller about what happens when a self-replicating computer virus, developed by the West to disable and destroy nuclear facilities in the Middle East, starts to spread beyond its intended targets, threatening the very security of those it was intended to protect.

Also Read: 'Zero Days' Review: Alex Gibney Hacks Into the Legendary Stuxnet Virus The Stuxnet virus, as depicted in “Zero Days,” was specifically designed to target PLCs, which are essentially small computers attached to major pieces of physical infrastructure: bridges, water plants, electrical grids, etc.Hacking them could allow a bad actor to effectively shut down an entire city or more in a single stroke, and with Stuxnet’s release, the U.S., and especially Israel (both of whom apparently released the virus into the world without their allies’ consent), have sent a signal to the world that cyberattacks are a legitimate form of (cold) warfare.The show will be a Carnival production in association with Participant Media, which produced “Zero Days” with Gibney and Shmuger, distributed by NBCUniversal International Distribution. Gibney is represented by UTA, Stephen Schiff by ICM Partners with Industry Entertainment and Marc Shmuger by Verve. Also Read: HBO to Develop Alex Gibney's Death Row Drama Starring Laura Dern“Zero Days” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February and opened over the summer via Magnolia Pictures. And by works I mean makes sense first, gets an audience second and keeps it third. Whether it works as a television series is another matter, because it’s definitely going to be complex and serialized and there are large portions of the pilot that are a little flat, plus a presumption that the viewer will want to take a tumble down the rabbit hole of mystical religious orders.

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