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The Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England. Linked to: Radiocarbon dating the Dead Sea scrolls Northeastern Palaeo Indian Radiocarbon Database Debert, a palaeo Indian site in Nova Scotia Desert Research Institute Radiocarbon Laboratory (USA) Washington State University Radiocarbon Laboratory (USA) 7.11.95.

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There are many, many interesting applications of radiocarbon dating in a variety of different fields.

If you would like to set up information regarding a project in which radiocarbon dating illuminated or solved a problem or in which C14 played a central role, please contact [email protected] The Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project From the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand, the project is concerned with investigating archaeology of pre-formative Angkorean society of South East Asia.

Radiocarbon dating underpins the chronological aspects of the investigation.

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Linked to: The Marine Reservoir Correction Database - online at Queen's University Belfast and the University of Washington.

Radiation Physics Research Laboratory, University Collage, Dublin.QUADRU - Quaternary Dating Research Unit, Pretoria.SNU-AMS: Seoul National University Accelerator Mass Spectrometer.VERA - Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator Geological Survey of Canada. Radiocarbon Dating - course at the University of Durham (UK).Leibniz Labor for Radiometric Dating and Isotope Resaerch - Christian Albrechts University, Kiel. Laboratory of Archaeometry, National Center for Scientific Research. The International Tree-Ring Data Bank (ITRDB) at the University of Arizona, Tucson.The Sheffield Dendrochronology Laboratory, Sheffield, England. The Dutch Centre for Dendrochronology (RING), Amersfoort, The Netherlands.