World series of dating robyn

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World series of dating robyn

The "most substantial and most ambitious" of the early Robin Hood texts (Gray, 1984, p.

The other early edition was by Wynkyn de Worde, which may have been in print before the Antwerp text.This was used as a basis by Ritson and Gutch, but Child and Dobson and Taylor used "Lettersnijder" and filled it out from Wynkyn, here called .This choice appears correct, as Wynkyn has more errors and seems less close to their exemplar than the Antwerp text.Child consulted several other early fragments, some from a text printed by Richard Pynson about 1530 and some in the Douce collection (Bodleian Library, Oxford).These four texts are referred to in the notes as "early texts," while the popular edition by William Copland of about 1560 and its successor by Edward White (later sixteenth century) are referred to as "later texts" which sometimes cast light on how the earlier material was understood.The text printed here is derived from a new collation of the two earliest sources, Antwerp and Wynkyn, while consulting the early fragments and later editions for possible correction of the earlier sources (see notes for details of the sources used when the is not clear; the often repeated idea of an origin about 1400 or even earlier is almost certainly wrong.

When Child said there were "a number of Middle English forms" in the poem he meant linguistic forms, and he suggested they "may have been relics" of the ballads from which the poem was then held to be based, or, he went on, the poem itself "may have been put together as early as 1400, or before" (III, 40).This is a good deal more cautious than Gutch's confident statement that the poem dated "from the time of Chaucer or before" (1847, I, vii), which Child was implicitly criticizing.Nevertheless his words have been taken as confirmation of 1400 as a base date for the ) and for a century before any others.It would also mean that a long text on this popular subject survived without trace in manuscript for a century and, when printed, was still in an unvaried and undamaged form. If the date of the text itself is less than certain, equally obscure is the date of the events within it.As Fowler comments, the poem "is unlikely to have had a long life before finding its way into print" (1980, p. These considerations as well as some linguistic evidence on the survival of Child's "Middle English forms" (see Knight, 1994, pp. Historians have often felt its legal, social, and military structures belong to the thirteenth century (Maddicott, 1978; for a summary discussion see Holt, 1989, pp.47-48) suggest a date in the mid-fifteenth century. 75-81), but this overlooks the atemporal character of medieval narrative (Malory's text deals with trial by battle in quite ancient forms, not to mention its fantasies of feudality).

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