Windows vista not updating windows

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Windows vista not updating windows

When necessary, to ensure that users have the latest WUA, prompt them to install KB949104 or the latest WUA.

Damaged registry files, malware, viruses, and corrupted data can result in Windows Vista Not Updating issues.These errors are often caused by improper maintenance of your system.If not fixed, this may lead to severe computer problems.In This Section Benefits and Purposes of Windows Update Overview: Using Windows Update in a Managed Environment How Automatic Updating Communicates Through the Internet Controlling Automatic Updating and Access to Windows Update to Limit the Flow of Information to and from the Internet Procedures for Controlling Automatic Updating and Access to Windows Update This section describes methods for controlling the way automatic updating interacts with the Windows Update Web site.Windows Update Agent (WUA) automatically updates itself when it is connected to a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server or to Windows Update.You can also use a signed installation package that is available from Microsoft to manually update WUA.

You can use this installation package to install the latest released versions of WUA or the latest released versions of the file.

Here we explain how you can programmatically determine whether the version of WUA that is running on the computer meets your needs, that is, whether the version is the latest or at least current enough.

You can call the IWindows Update Agent Info:: Get Info method to get current version info about WUA, but you can't determine if that version is the latest.

If you receive a WU_E_SELFUPDATE_REQUIRED error message when you use the WUA API to perform a scan, download, or install, this error tells you that the version of WUA is out of date.

But even if you know the version of WUA is out of date, you can't use the WUA API to force a self-update.

Additionally, if Windows Update on the computer is in such a state that automatic self-updates are failing, you can't use the WUA API to recover from that state.

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