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She also confronts Damon and she knows from the beginning that he’s a vampire.

At the Salvatore boarding house a wolf later appears bent on attacking the "marked' Damon.But Rose steps in front of Damon and is the one that gets bitten.Her bite apparently gets healed instantly but later, it is revealed that the wolf toxin is still in her shoulder.It appears as though Jules is working with someone, as after she left the Lockwood House, she called someone to tell him that Mason had lied and that there was another werewolf: Tyler Lockwood.Jules was a werewolf and a friend of Mason Lockwood's from Florida.She came to Mystic Falls looking for Mason after his disappearance.

Jules and her boyfriend, Brady, kidnapped Caroline Forbes so that they could leave with Mason's nephew, Tyler, and help him adjust to his new life as a werewolf. The remaining werewolves were about to kill the vampires, but Jonas intervened and warned the others to leave town.

They tortured Damon until Elijah appeared and killed all of them except for Jules, who escaped.

She left town with Tyler, only to return after his mother's accident.

When Damon freed Tyler to prevent him being used in the sacrifice, Klaus captured Jules and ripped her heart out during the sacrifice.

Jules comes to visit Tyler and tells him that she’s a friend of Mason and that she’s looking for him.

Tyler says Mason has gone back to Florida, but she informs that he hasn't returned.

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