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Attempts to simulate aspects of gendered experience have a healthy history, and in recent years technology has helped to add a more realistic touch to stepping into opposite-sex shoes.They called their creation the Machine to Be Another.“We were trying to understand a little bit better the relationship between empathy and identity,” Marte Roel, an artist with Be Another Lab, told me.“And trying to take this metaphor of being in the shoes of someone else as a real possibility.”Theirs is one of the most all-encompassing example of trying on another body for size.It works by having two people wearing Oculus Rift simultaneously look at and run their hands over their own bodies in precise synchronisation, with the video feeds swapped—so they see the other person’s body, apparently responding to their own actions.This is supposed to fool the brain into accepting the new body as its own.Roel said he thought the findings were interesting.

“Me personally, I have found that I like to have painted nails,” he said.

Given the gendered nature of this fashion, he hadn’t really considered it before.

He also said that swapping bodies with a partner is a particularly empathic experience.

“Just having a body of your own which is different to yours, and which you care for so much—I cannot even explain it, but it’s a very profound experience,” he said.

Other projects have aimed to inspire empathy for other genders at particular points in life. According to news reports at the end of last year, a system that emulates the pain of labour was introduced in a hospital in the Shandong province of China.

Many of the volunteer participants were male partners of pregnant women; they had a device that gave electric shocks placed on their abdomen, which a nurse would slowly dial up in intensity to mimic contractions.

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