Vedas dating

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Vedas dating

The sacred books of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have definite historical dates assigned to them.

The New Testament of the Bible is about 2,00 years old.Though no one can assign any definite date to the Vedas, Oreintalists are anxious to discover when they were "composed".Some of them say that it was done about 1,500 BC; other suggest that it may have about 3,000 years.Tilak fixes the date as 6,000 BC But modern Orientalists are inclined to bring the date nearer.If the Buddha was born 2,500 years ago , and if in the Buddha's time it was not known when the Vedas came into existence, then the date of Vedas should be long anterior to this time.But the truth of the matter is that the Vedas are Anaadi and Nitya, with out beginning and with out end and eternal , like sound.

They manifest themselves after each Pralaya (deluge).Pralaya and srshti (deluge and creation) alternate The Old Testament speaks of the creation of the present world.According to Hindu Scriptures, there have been many creations before, and also Pralayas.The period of each Srshti and each Pralaya spreads over aeons , infinitely beyond human calculation.The findings of geology, which traces the history of the earth to a period long before the time referred to in the Book of Genesis, confirm this view of cycles of creation and deluge.In fact, the more and the deeper the researchers of modern science, the greater the confirmation for the declarations in our Hindu scriptures.

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