Validating date field

30-Jul-2015 17:48 by 3 Comments

Validating date field

After saving node the required field_date with default $value is empty.

Additional info - Widget : select list - Date format is set to accept only Year, Month, Day - Date entry options : j M Y - H:i:s , -1 years from now , +0 years from now - Tested with both required and non-required settings.

This error occurs also on fields set to "none" rather than just "now".

I have a panel set up with both fields not exposed and are both optional.

I have rules set up to auto-add a value to each field after saving the node.

It works fine when both fields are visible in the panel, but not when I remove them.

Ok, I've fixed my runtime error by setting my field_ticker_timestamp field as follows: $form['field_ticker_timestamp']['#access'] = FALSE; Hope this helps someone else.

By the way, I see a new release 2.9 but from the release note, it does not appear this issue is fixed.

I ran into this issue and discovered that the cause was that a multi-value field with over 600 entries in the form above my date field was causing $form_state['input'] to have null values and $form_state['values'] to not have any updates. I didn't have time to debug the Drupal Form API and how it populates $form_state, but my workaround was to disable my multi-value field if it has over 100 entries.

That allowed date_combo_validate() to validate my field correctly.

Same problem I'm removing the field programmatically using ['#access'] = FALSE; The form renders without the date field, but upon submission the error occurs: The dates are invalid. It doesn't matter if default value is set to now or none.

Tried Date 7 - 2.9, as well as the dev version dated 2015-Oct-02 Workaround I don't have a solution, but in order to be able to proceed with my current setup, I documented-out the code that is creating this false error.

Line 572 of date_now reads: //$errors[] = t('The dates are invalid.'); The error that prevented the form submission is now gone, and field validation still takes place for other more normal scenarios.

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