Updating passport with name change

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The Identity and Passport Service is probably the most important record holder you will need to notify of your name change.Since the name on your passport should always match your legal name, it is important that when you change your name you have your passport amended to incorporate your new one.

When you apply to change your name on your passport, your current one will be cancelled and you will be issued with a new standard ten year passport.Your new passport will be credited with up to nine months of extra time towards the unexpired time left on your previous passport.When applying for your new passport following your change of name by Deed Poll, your Deed Poll document will be accepted as documentary evidence of your change of name.A photocopy of your Deed Poll will not be sufficient - it is essential to enclose your original Deed Poll document or a legal copy.If you are applying for your first passport, when sending of your passport application you will need to enclose a copy of your Deed Poll.This will provide documentary evidence to show that you have changed the name on your birth certificate to your current one.

You may be in such a position that your name was changed as a child but you have no documentary evidence of this change.What is important is that when you fill in your application form for your Deed Poll, you notify us of your birth name in the relevant box.This will ensure that the correct name change will be shown on your Deed Poll and therefore, that it will be accepted by the Passport Office.You can apply to amend your passport in a number of ways.These are described below: The form comes with full instructions, whether you fill in the paper version or complete it online.You should follow these carefully as any errors will delay your application.