Updating n95

22-Jul-2015 21:26 by 3 Comments

Updating n95 - Erotic face to face video chat

Hi, I just wanted to find out other people options/experiences with updating the firmware on the N95.

So as I cant do the update myself I went to a care center where I was told that it would cost for them to attempt to update the firmware and there is a 80-90% chance of it not working. I have upgraded my firmware a few times since I got my N95 – even debranded it to get rid of the silly 3 stuff. I'd backed up my phone a few times before switching over to linux and had no problems, but its quite a few versions behind after 12 months of nothing.

This didn't seem right to me but they were pretty unhelpful and couldn't/wouldn't answer my questions except to say that they highly recommend not updating your phone yourself and should bring it to the care center every time it needs updating and that in his opinion I would be better off just accepting that my phone wont ever work properly and just live with it. Never install the FREELY AVAILABLE Nokia Software Updater by yourself? Nokia make it available online on their own website so you can do it yourself... Don't have a mate who will let you borrow his Windows box for 10 minutes to do the update? Back up your data and as said above, use a pc at a mates/work and be done with it, the longest part of the process is downloading the new firmware.. I only went to the care center as a last resort as all the computers I have access to/use all have Linux and the only Windows ones are at uni and you cant even right click with them let alone install something. This has definatley put me off Nokia thats for sure.

So I emailed their customer service when I got home and explained the situation and asked them to clarify what I had been told in store. If they didn't want users to be able to do it themselves they wouldn't give them access. All it consists of is downloading the app from Nokia's website, plugging in and letting it do it's thing... Hopefully a few more Android phones will be around when I do my next upgrade.

I got a long detailed reply on how to install their software on a PC (which the guy in store told me I should never do myself) and it finally finished saying that I should take my phone to a care center but charges apply because it is a non warranty procedure. I don't know of a phone company that has a linux updating client...

I don't even know of an OS X client for these things.

Some of them are coming to the party with Nokia doing a "Multimedia Transfer" thing for OS X now and a Map Loader too.

Linux just isn't mainstream enough (nor is OS X, it seems ^_^) for phone companies to bother with us.There are always going to be third party alternatives for file transfer etc...But I wouldn't be messing with firmware unless I had a genuine app from the manufacturer...Sadly this means Windows (even if it is in a VM : P). But it will take a while and will never be as great as Windows. Please tell me if anyone know about software upgradation of Nokia mobile. Once you have upgraded your device, you don't have the choice to restore to the earlier version but you can however re-install the same firmware version as you are already having as many times as you want (which sometimes can cure back-up restoration problems).Can use Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer of only USB data can be used for data transfer. Alright, this is what you need to do to update your firmware: Back-up your data All our personal data such as photos,and messages, contacts which are stored in our phones memory and they are much likely to BE DELETED during the firmware update.

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