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Updating esx wiki page - Free erotic chat shqip

Any out-of-the-box installation of VPX/ESX(i)/GSX should work.

Since version 4.0 this API is called VMware v Sphere API.

Some example remote connection URIs for the driver are: vpx://example-vcenter.com/dc1/srv1 (VPX over HTTPS, select ESX server 'srv1' in datacenter 'dc1') esx://(ESX over HTTPS) gsx://(GSX over HTTPS) esx://example-esx.com/?

transport=http (ESX over HTTP) esx://example-esx.com/? no_verify=1 (ESX over HTTPS, but doesn't verify the server's SSL certificate) Note: In contrast to other drivers, the ESX driver is a client-side-only driver. Therefore, the remote transport mechanism provided by the remote driver and libvirtd will not work, and you cannot use URIs like connection is currently restricted to a single ESX server. The path part of the URI is used to specify the datacenter and the ESX server in it.

If the ESX server is part of a cluster then the cluster has to be specified too. The driver passes the hostname as challenge parameter to the callback.

This enables the callback to distinguish between requests for ESX server and v Center.

Note: During the ongoing driver development, testing is done using an unrestricted account.

Problems may occur if you use a restricted account.Detailed testing with restricted accounts has not been done yet.By default the ESX driver uses HTTPS to communicate with an ESX server.Proper HTTPS communication requires correctly configured SSL certificates.This certificates are different from the ones libvirt uses for secure communication over TLS to a libvirtd one a remote server.By default the driver tries to verify the server's SSL certificate using the CA certificate pool installed on your client computer.