Updating dog microchip details

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Updating dog microchip details

It is difficult to reunite owners with their lost pets if they have moved, gone on holiday or changed phone numbers and forgotten to update their details on the pet register.Please keep your details up to date, and inform your register if your pet passes away.

Compulsory microchipping for all dogs becomes law in England on 6th April 2016 and in Wales from March 2015.

To be effective, this scheme relies heavily on owners checking their dog's microchip details and remembering to keep them up to date.

Now is the time to check those chips and make sure that the details stored are current.

But what do you do if your dog has been chipped but you can't remember who, what or where, in order to check?

There are four microchip databases in the UK, so if your dog has been microchipped in the UK, the chip should be registered with one of these, if the corresponding paperwork has been completed.

UK Microchip Databases- Anibase- Petlog- Petprotect- PETtrac If you are not sure which database your dog's chip is registered with, visit and simply type in the number.

If you don't know the number, ask your vet to scan for the chip and the number will be obtained.

Below are some key points relating to each microchip database: If the previous owner is not contactable or is uncooperative, a confirmation from a vet or pound is needed to prove the new owner has taken charge of the dog.

A death certificate or letter from a vet or rescue is needed if the previous owner has died* From 2016 the responsibility will be on the previous keeper to complete the change.

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If you are the registered owner of an animal on the AAR database, you can update most details online with the exception of the registered owner’s name and breed of animal.