Threatening and intimidating behavior

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Under the 2010 Arizona Criminal Code, 13-1202, it is considered threatening and intimidating when a person uses either words or their behavior to threaten or intimidate the alleged victim.

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This includes when threats are committed in retaliation to the victim reporting criminal activity, such as reporting acts of spousal abuse or child abuse.The main problem that arises with criminal charges of this nature is simple: there is often very little proof.Typically, there is no evidence at all and it is simple one person's word against another.Having an experienced lawyer on your side therefore is extremely important.This policy applies to all Staff and Temporary employees and all university premises and university-sponsored events as well as off-campus sites should an incident occur that is shown to have an adverse impact on the university.Back to top Back to top Those who believe they are a victim of threatening or violent behavior, whether workplace or not, may also contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to obtain advice in dealing with the situation.

Violence in the workplace can take many forms — from a colleague or student who exhibits dangerous or threatening behavior to abusive relationships between partners or family members to random acts of violence by members of the public with no connection to the campus.When behaviors become intimidating or threatening, you may feel anxious, afraid and concerned for your personal safety.It is important not to manage such a situation alone.Various offices on campus can assist you, including those listed at the end of this resource.In Arizona, criminal charges pertaining to threatening and intimidating are taken extremely seriously.Law enforcement and prosecutors alike will take a "no nonsense" attitude towards prosecuting those who have been charged.