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Wow, this is a bit of a departure from Perrie's usual style.

The matching mesh crop top and leggings are by a brand called Go Guy, and the good news is that you can buy both pieces from their website, so copying Perrie's style has never been easier.Click right to snap up the long sleeved crop top, and click below to complete the look with the leggings.You'll need a big dose of confidence to pull this look off (especially the leggings) but team the top with a black tank top or sports bra, and throw a jacket over the top for a stylish look that protects your modesty.If you want to shop around and get a crop top similar to Perrie's then take a look at our top choices below.Topshop have a spitting image version with the same sporty elasticated waist, while Missguided’s style is only £12.Today, Mid Ameri Con II announced the nominees for the 2016 Hugo Awards, chosen by the attendees and supporters of the 74th World Con for the best works in science fiction, fantasy, and fandom produced in 2015.

My military fantasy adventure story, “The Commuter” was one of the five nominees in the short story category. I’ve known for some time that “The Commuter” had made the short list, having been emailed about it by Professor Adams, “The Voice of the Hugos,” on April 10th. ) rather than from any single group’s agenda or manipulation of process.I provided copies of my story for the Hugo Voter’s Packet and accepted the nomination in the forlorn hope I would find my story among a mixed and diverse selection of other stories, stories which came out of fandom as a whole (a whole which Puppies . I knew that it was unlikely, given that my little-known story was only up for the award due to its inclusion on Vox Day’s Rabid Puppies slate, but I had hope.To be clear, Vox Day and I have worked together before, but I did not request or engineer my appearance on his slate.I’m very proud of my story “Within This Horizon”, that I contributed to the first anthology, which allowed me to be in the same volume as friends and acquaintances Chris Kennedy, Christopher Nuttall, Ken Burnside, and one of my literary heroes, Jerry Pournelle. However, Vox and I disagree on political and social points and I am neither a Rabid Puppy nor a member of his Dread Ilk.My stories have no real ideological bent right or left.And while I cannot dispute the experiences of others which brought the Sad and Rabid Puppy movements into existence, I did not approve of the straight-slate bloc voting that so damaged fandom last year.