Thailand chiangmai dating

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Thailand chiangmai dating - militarydating us

Nonetheless these girls are, after all, living on survival instinct and are just regular working class people trying to make a living. Have fun with them and pay them money, but by all means be wary of ever imagining a happy, normal marriage with them.

Traditionally a woman's place in Thai society is one of house mother, while the man assumes the head of the family and is expected to bring in the dough.

In reality, it is the women who are more responsible and they form the backbone of the blue-collar workforce here.

It is a sad reality that women here aren't empowered with career independence, however, the trend in the big cities is rapidly changing.

Although your new wife won't be afraid of work, forgive her for imagining a life of leisure at home.

Bar none: Don't expect to find your ideal future wife in a bar. Bar girls make a living sleeping with anyone who has enough money to pay for them.

Bar girls have been spoilt by countless men before you and their loyalty will be entirely to your wallet.

Almost without exception, these girls are financial opportunists with a big responsibility to support their dirt poor families back home.Most bar girls are from Isaan, a poor farming area of Northeast Thailand; their background is so different from yours that, despite their sophistication learnt in the bar, they relate little to anything in your life other than money and comfort.They are also skilfully deceptive and can string you along with 'white lies' for months or years.To some it's very obvious, however, many well-meaning men are ruthlessly extorted of money from bar girls, believing in their hearts they can 'take the girl out the bar'.After you've gone home, no matter how much money you send her, she'll still work the bar.There is no limit to the money they desire and no scruples either.