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, introduces new evidence on the widespread maltreatment of youth in state-funded juvenile corrections facilities.It tells of high rates of sexual victimization, the heavy-handed use of disciplinary isolation and a growing roster of states where confined youth have been subject to widespread abuse.

Maltreatment documented since 2000 In 1993, the state settled a class action lawsuit alleging that state youth corrections facilities were failing to protect youths from harm, and were not providing meaningful rehabilitative services, and it spent the next five years under federal court supervision.In 2007, the state paid .5 million to settle a lawsuit by 48 girls alleging sexual abuse in the state's Chalkville youth corrections facility after a federal judge substantiated the girls’ claims of widespread and longstanding abuse.Allegations in the case involved at least 15 staff.Maltreatment documented since 2000 In 1993, Arizona signed a consent decree mandating 109 reforms to address severe problems at the Catalina Mountain Juvenile Institution alleged in a 1986 lawsuit, including excessive use of solitary confinement and excessive use of handcuffs and shackles to punish minor misconduct.In 2001, three years after the consent decree expired, a series by the revealed pervasive abuse and maltreatment in Arizona youth correction facilities.In 2004, following several suicides in Arizona facilities, a U. Department of Justice investigation documented widespread physical and sexual abuse of youths by staff at the Adobe Mountain School, as well as excessive and inappropriate use of disciplinary isolation and failure to protect youths from attacks by other youths (and in some cases actively encouraging fights among youths).

The Justice Department identified some of the same problems in the state’s Black Canyon and Catalina Mountain training schools. Department of Justice, Investigation of Adobe Mountain School and Black Canyon School in Phoenix; and Catalina School in Tucson, Arizona,” Jan.In September 2004, Arizona signed a new consent decree agreeing to address these problems, which remained in effect until 2007. 23, 2004; “Suicidal Tendencies: The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections Is a Bloody Mess,” revealed that youths in the state’s juvenile facilities were “routinely degraded; verbally, physically and sexually abused; hog-tied; forced to sleep outside in freezing weather” and that “staff members have slugged children in the face and…locked children naked in cells overnight after turning the air conditioning on high.” A U. Department of Justice investigation in 2002 found that the Alexander facility failed to provide constitutionally required care, but the investigation did not reveal the extreme maltreatment documented earlier.However, in 2006, an internal investigation by state’s Health and Human Services Department revealed that staff in the Alexander facility “were drugging youths to control unruly behavior,” leading the state to cancel the contract of the corporation operating the facility.In 2007, the National Center for Youth Law reported that youths confined in the Alexander facility were being inappropriately medicated with anti-psychotic drugs and subjected to painful and unnecessary physical restraints.Now called the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center (AJATC), the Alexander facility remained under federal supervision until 2012, after which indications of systemic maltreatment quickly re-emerged.

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