Talk to a sexy robot on cam

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Talk to a sexy robot on cam

In a paper entitled Rovers minimise human disturbance in research on wild animals, published in the journal Nature Methods, the researchers, led by Yvon Le Maho of the University of Strasbourg in France, describe how they were unable to study the colonies of penguins up close as the animals typically become very frightened.

By using a robot penguin armed with a camera, sensors and scanning device to wirelessly send data about the animal it is closest to remotely back to the researchers, the researchers can get within touching distance of real penguins without the animals becoming scared.

If a human approached the penguins, the fright would raise their heart rates by up to 35 beats per minute.

It took five attempts to create a rover that did not scare the penguins and earlier attempts included a robot made from fibreglass, but finally, a baby penguin rover covered in soft grey fur with a black and white face, black beak and black arms was accepted by the colony and an adult penguin even sung a special song to it.

John Downer Productions has a dedicated team of engineers specialising in precision engineering, remote-controlled technology and animatronics model-making.

A couple were caught having sex in a town centre by a talking CCTV camera - and ordered to stop by operators.

The embarrassed pair, who had been drinking earlier, heard the booming command and immediately stopped before fleeing the scene in Northampton.

Northampton Borough Council has talking cameras trained in three town centre streets to issue warnings about littering, fighting and street drinking.

Most messages are taped recorded but they can also be used by the CCTV operators to issue specific warnings.

Andrew Simpson, Northampton Borough Councillor responsible for CCTV said he was shocked to hear camera operators had spotted people having sex in the street.

He said: ”I certainly wasn’t expecting them to pick up that kind of thing.

”Clearly, I would imagine these people must have had too much to drink and had fairly low inhibitions.

A group of European scientists working together with a UK wildlife filmmaker have developed a remote-controlled robot rover disguised as a penguin in order to intimately study colonies of shy Emperor penguins in Adélie Land, Antarctica.

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