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Before long, the Wednesday club shop started selling wigs in honour of Blinker’s long, luxurious hair. Blinker’s third Wednesday goal was netted a year to the day after his first, coming in a 3-0 win at Nottingham Forest.

Two goals on his debut then just one in his remaining 44 appearances sums him up really,” lamented one Wednesdayite on the Owls Online forum.“He was a player that promised so much but looking back offered little,” concluded another fan, while a fellow Owl conceded, “Sorry to say he was OK, but no superstar.”Unfortunately for Regi, things would not improve north of the border. Replacing the hugely popular Di Canio was a losing battle and Blinker’s three seasons in Scotland are not regarded fondly. Although he was part of the Celtic team that prevented Rangers winning an historic 10th league title in a row, he’ll be better remembered for conceding a penalty in a shock cup defeat to Inverness that sparked the famous “Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious’ Sun headline. Most regrettably, at some point during his time at Parkhead, Blinker’s name was converted into rhyming slang. Fans nowadays think nothing of filling their team with exotic imports from all continents of the globe. player.pause:player.play;player.disable Viewport Detection(),player Func(),this._user Action=! 0,State({paused:paused})},handle Prev Click:function(){this._play Prev()},handle Next Click:function(){this._play Next()},handle Channel Click:function(channel,action){"play"===action? 0,State({current Channel:channel}),State({playlist:channel.videos}),State({current Item:channel.videos[0]}),State({paused:! 1}),// if the user has clicked on a channel assume that he wants it to be played this.props.persist Channel&& // save the channel in local storage To Storage("ch",channel.id)):"toggle"===action&&this.handle Play Click()},handle Expand Click:function(){var pos,player=this._get Current Player();player.disable Viewport Detection(),Hover Overlay(),State({expanded:! (pos=this._get Video Player Pos("video Player Ref2"),State({user Action:! But back in March 1996, it didn’t get much more exciting than signing a dreadlocked Dutchman called Reginald. this.props.html5)},handle Sound Click:function(){var muted=! this.state.muted;this._set Mute(muted),this._user Action=! 0},handle Play Click:function(){var player=this._get Current Player(),paused=!

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