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To use the Update Checklist Item - by Item process, select the item whose status you want to change and add all the IDs for which you want the process to update the status.For example, if you have several recruiter phone calls to make, as you call you could insert all the individual IDs under the checklist item Call Prospect.

Using the automated process (CCITMUPD SQR), you can also update checklist items automatically across checklists using test scores, transcripts, or general materials. Values for this field are delivered with your system as translate values. Any modifications to these values could require substantial programming effort. After you run the process, you can view the CCCHKLER report, which lists the IDs and the checklist item codes that were updated. Data type selection relates to logic in the process that provides a linkage to admissions records where the applicable data resides.When the Test Scores button is clicked, the process evaluates data in the test score table as it updates checklist items.Apache Junction High School), for which the system should update the checklist item.Transcripts received are recorded by Organization in the People Soft Recruiting and Admissions Education page.You can update the workflow status of an Item to keep track of your content throughout the planning, production and review of your content.If you want to update your whatsapp status in a witty, clever, sarcastic, hilarious, and amused or in a funny way then this article is for you, we have shared the very unique collection of Funny Whatsapp Status Ideas in this article. I am using whatsapp as default in your whatsapp status tells everyone that you’re very new on whatsapp or you are not friendly with your whatsapp application and that’s not a smart approach on social networking apps especially when you have a friend circle who can laugh at you for not knowing it.

Anyways we know that you already know how to update your status but still making your status catchy rely upon the things you write in it.Funny whatsapp status updates are the simplest way to become popular in your whatsapp circle, but obviously you’re not a comedian so you need sources to funny, witty or sarcastic whatsapp quotes and for you we have it as stated below- We hope that the above shared funny and sarcastic whatsapp status is liked by you, we will keep you updating more related stuff in future.Keep sharing whatsapp status update with us if you have any clever idea to update your whatsapp status.$(function Create Side List () { var li, ul, current Cat ID; /* Get list of categories*/ var cat Call = new XMLHttp Request(); cat"GET", "", false); cat Call.send(); var cat List = JSON.parse(cat Call.response); ul = document.create Element ("ul"); /* Determine what type of page this is running on and set the appropriate current Cat ID */ var current URL = window.location.href; if (current URL.index Of("/articles/") = 0) { var is Article = 1; var art ID = current URL.split(/articles\/(\d+)/); var art Call = new XMLHttp Request(); art"GET", ""+art ID[1]+".json?You can change the status of a checklist item for an individual or organization in the respective Checklist Management component.To minimize security access concerns or to accelerate data entry, you can update the status of a checklist item for individual IDs (not for organization IDs) manually inside a component that shows only checklist items, or you can change the same item across all IDs automatically using the Update Checklist Item - by Item (CCCHKLER. To update a checklist item manually by ID, access the checklist assigned to that ID and change the status of each item to the appropriate status in that checklist.

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