Sql update command for updating date along with timestamp

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For a list of reserved words in Oracle, see The date/time precision in Microsoft SQL Server is 1/300th of a second.

SQL Developer has a default mapping to the DATE data type.For applications that require finer date/time precision than seconds, the TIMESTAMP data type should be selected for the data type mapping of date data types in Microsoft SQL Server.The databases store point-in-time values for DATE and TIME data types.As an alternative, if a Microsoft SQL Server application uses the DATETIME column to provide unique IDs instead of point-in-time values, replace the DATETIME column with a SEQUENCE in the Oracle schema definition.The schema contains the definitions of the tables, views, indexes, users, constraints, stored procedures, triggers, and other database-specific objects.Most relational databases work with similar objects.

The schema migration topics discussed here include the following: Reserved words differ between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Many Oracle reserved words are valid object or column names in Microsoft SQL Server.

For example, DATE is a reserved word in Oracle, but it is not a reserved word in Microsoft SQL Server.

Therefore, no column is allowed to have the name DATE in Oracle, but a column can be named DATE in Microsoft SQL Server.

Use of reserved words as schema object names makes it impossible to use the same names across databases.

You should choose a schema object name that is unique by case and by at least one other characteristic, and ensure that the object name is not a reserved word from either database.