Speed dating in south wales

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Speed dating in south wales - traditional dating etiquette

So, the first 15 minutes before the event officially kicked off felt very much like a primary school disco.Women were seated on one side of the room, talking together while sorting out their hair and make-up.

At 8pm our compere gave tick sheets to the 12 women and 17 men and began to lay out the plans for the evening. The men were told to go from table to table in a circular line with each date lasting exactly four minutes.If at the end of the date you felt you had hit it off with the other party and fancied a future date with them, you were to tick “yes” by their name and, if not, you’d tick “no” or nothing at all. MORE: I sold The Big Issue on the streets of Cardiff and it was harder than I ever thought it could be But when the speed dating actually began, a new sense of nerves took over both myself and all the other participants – namely how on earth do I sell myself to a person I’ve never met before in just four minutes?This was a fear that some people unfortunately failed to get over.But, for most, it took only a few very awkward minutes of silence before most of us realised we had nothing to lose just by talking, starting a quick light conversation and seeing what happened. Once I got over the surname challenge it became a lot easier to get to know some of these women each in such a short space of time. Out of the 12 ladies, most of them were in their 20s and the most mature was somewhere in her 30s - so not exactly a dinosaur by any stretch of the imagination.Finding a partner is a mighty difficult thing sometimes.“Quite a few” different people in the world spread across some fairly large landmasses and all sorts of ways to meet (and not meet) them sometimes makes it feel like a nigh-on impossible task to find a future other half So that’s why after just over two years out of the dating game, I jumped right back in last week - and not via Tinder or some other online cyber-mumbo jumbo. You might be thinking “that’s crazy”, “I’d never do that” or “this guy’s bonkers”.

Because that’s exactly what I was thinking in the run up to doing it.But eventually I decided as I’d never done in it before, I didn’t know what to expect and therefore could not judge.All I did know on the way to the swanky central bar that evening was that I was quietly scared out of my mind - worried that I’d get into this place and meet a bunch of exceptional losers, weirdos and general circus-freaks who’d then promptly laugh at the thought of dating yours truly.Normal thoughts for any first-timer of this field I think.So, because of my (lack of) supreme confidence building up to this, I decided to tell no-one what I was doing that day and go to the bar alone.Meaning that if – and, no doubt, when – I got mocked and promptly shoved out of the bar by a crowd of primadonnas, the only person who would know of my embarrassment would be myself as I headed back home. Yet as daunting as it was entering a bar with the goal of going on multiple dates in quick succession, I was in a way looking forward to it. And whether it was good or bad, it was something I’d be able to say I’d done, and could tick it off the bucket list. Watch his pitch to potential dates: The evening was held in a private back room with lots of tables and chairs scattered around the room – meaning there was no hope of keeping yourself hidden away.

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