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It seemed like only a month or so ago everything seemed to hold so much promise. i mentioned before that Jake would go through these moods where his desire to be serviced by another would climb to its peak. As for me, my own desires to be submissive to a man in a feminine way don't go away.We talked about exchanging our fantasies, being more open with each other about what we like, he seemed to want to be more dominant with me, etc. Unfortunately, after those peaks wore off there were many valleys; lengthy periods where there was no interest at all. i've told him that and in our last discussion, finally told him that i can't put up with his part-time sexual fantasies any more. i'm sure i'll hear from him again and he'll want me to get all dolled up and pretty for him so i can give him the pleasure he wants.

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It's a long process and not something i would want to start all over again.However, i did meet a man about a year and a half ago who seemed to be what i was looking for.We had breakfast together a couple of times and he left the ball in my court.At the time, things with Jake seemed promising and there was a little bit of a distance issue with this other man (he lives about 60 miles away). I would describe myself as a sensative,freindly,outgoing and someone up for a laugh kind of guy.the kind of girl i would like to spend the rest of my life with and treat her right.

I would also like to have someone in my arhi im a crosdressing sissy into wearing mini skirts,stockings,heels ect and im looking to be used by male or female.i will do what i am told and will be humiliated,spanked and whatever you want to if you want a slave for whatever reason,please get in tou You may only address Me as Master or Sir.I have been doing this for a while now and I am getting bored with slaves i where are all you worthless little pay piggy's ??Come and tell Me why a Master like Myself should let a little sissy gir What i am Seeking on here i mommy or Mistress maybe a bi Daddy real time 24/7 services and belonging to my Owner Like minded people, Doms, other sissies, Daddys.i haven't disappeared completely even though it may appear that way.Some consulting work that necessitated travel is one of the reasons. i haven't seen Jake in awhile and based upon our last talk, there's a good chance whatever we had going with each other is over.