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Adverse winds held their ship near England for 6 weeks, and seriously depleted their food reserves.Forty-five died on the voyage, but 101 men and 4 boys finally landed on a semi-island in May, 1607.

At first the climate seemed mild, the Indians friendly.

As John Smith wrote, "heaven and earth never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitations." Then came blistering heat, swarms of insects spawned in the nearby wetlands, unfit water supplies, typhus, starvation, fierce winters, Indian attacks, shiploads of inappropriately-prepared "Colonists" (sent from a changing England that had no other place for them), and even a period of tyrannical martial law when missing church 3 times was a capital offense.

The troubles were exacerbated by the colonists themselves.

Many of them we could call gentlemen-adventurers, "whose breeding," a contemporary said, "never knew what a day's labour meant." These were men, often lesser scions of nobility, with no future in overpopulated England, who were lured by the Virginia Company with promises of land and wealth--much as people were lured to California during the Gold Rush.

I may not forget the gentleman worthie of much commendations, which first tooke the pains to make triall thereof, his name Mr.

John Rolfe, Anno Domini 1612, partly for the love he hath a long time borne unto it, and partly to raise commodity to the adventurers...

--Ralph Hamor, then Secretary of Virginia Few realize that this seminal event in American history may well be why the lower half of the United States speaks English instead of Spanish today.By the dawn of the 17th century, despite several disastrous attempts, England still lacked a viable claim to some part of the New World.In 1606, James I tried once more to fruitfully impregnate the mythically rich, virgin land.He established 2 companies made up of merchant-adventurers eager to plumb the tantalizing riches of North America--these were the London Company and the Plymouth Company.The first to embark was the London Company, which sent forth three ships in December of 1606.James gave them three objectives: find gold, find a route to the South Seas, and find the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

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