Scripture against dating non believers

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Scripture against dating non believers

In this passage Paul points out that we should not be united with, or bound to persons who are contrary to Christ.Throughout Paul’s practical admonitions are echoes of Old Testament passages calling on Israelites to be separated from outsiders who did not recognize the God of Israel (Leviticus ; Isaiah , Ezekiel -34).

Secondly, wrong relationships can produce wrong behaviors, wrong standards, and wrong values (1 Corinthians ).Recognizing this truth the Assemblies of God opposes the practice of dating or marrying unbelievers.CONCERNS: The church also expresses concern about a practice of some Christians who date non-believers so as to try to lead them to faith in Christ.In its ideal form the goal may seem pure, but such practice is biblically flawed and presents the Christian with certain risks.The standards of the Assemblies of God are the teachings of Scripture.The Bible explicitly prohibits a believer from entering into any serious relationship or marriage with a non-believer.

One of the first references to this is found in Deuteronomy 7:3, 4.

Here the children of Israel were admonished not to marry the children of Canaan because "they would turn your sons away from following me, to serve other gods." Also after the exile of Israel, Nehemiah pointed out to the remnant (the surviving children of Israel) that the great King Solomon was led astray by his relationship with women who served other gods (Nehemiah , 27).

It is not only the Old Testament that teaches against this but also the New Testament.

Paul says emphatically that believers are only to marry "in the Lord" (1 Corinthians ), in other words to marry only another believer.

He goes on to show that it is utterly contrary to Christ’s teachings to be involved in a serious relationship with unbelievers.

Though Paul does not explicitly mention the topics of dating and marriage in 2 Corinthians -17, it clearly has meaning for such relationships.

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