Russian dating etiquette tips

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Luckily, there are some simple ways to make a good first impression. Look Good: Men and women in Russia carry around little sponges to repolish their shoes before entering the office. The others will be more casually arranged, but generally you will not be addressed directly by someone who outranks you.

"If you're a foreigner, you will be asked how you like Russia," says Merenzon, "and you are expected to say that you love it but you don't fully understand it and need their help." One thing to control is an American's natural tendency to go straight into personal topics like family, upbringing, and education.

Paulson summarizes the perception: "Americans can be garrulous and too immediately friendly and are not sufficiently [sly]." It helps to preserve a little mystery. Flatter Their Wordliness: When casting about for small talk, especially among business elites, one can't-fail topic is travel.

Maybe you've noticed that Russians—long hemmed in by Soviet travel restrictions—are suddenly everywhere.

Egypt, Goa, and Turkey are popular vacation spots, spawning entire Russian-speaking service industries.

Soviet-era immigrants in the United States are often shocked when they actually make it back to Putin's Russia: Everywhere are status symbols, glitzy sushi joints, and fortunes made and lost with each blip in the price of oil.

If it's that hard for former citizens to adjust, just imagine what a kindly Midwestern businessman (or woman) goes through.

Russia and Europe can feel like continents separated by a common lineage: Modern Moscow can feel like London but also Dubai, St.Petersburg is Paris with a little Mumbai thrown in, and the vast frontier can feel like the Far East (because part of it is).The disorientation has less to do with architecture than with the little tics of dress and behavior—an effusive toast, a brusque rebuke, an offhand remark, or an exotic spice that lets you know you're not in Denmark anymore.You can have a lot of fun—and do a lot of business—in Russia, provided you bring an open mind, a little backbone, and some patience for a culture, a government, and an economy that sometimes fly high but often lose their footing. Know Your Patronymics: Do enough research before meeting your contacts to learn not just their first and last names but their father's name, because you will be addressing them only by first name and patronymic (e.g., "Alexander Petrovich," rather than "Mr. This will always be included on their business cards and is the respected form of address.Part I: BUSINESS Rules of the Business Meeting "Trust but verify" is one Russian cliché that still rings true—and nowhere more so than in the business meeting. It might take a while to switch to just a first name. Line Up Your Business Cards: Most people at a meeting will line up their cards at the table in order to remember the names and seating arrangements.As a foreigner, your value as a colleague and partner is being constantly appraised, from the first firm handshake to the last vodka at the , in this case, means phony. Preferably you'll be sporting at least one Italian label, but if your price range is more Men's Wearhouse than Armani, at the very least accessorize with a nice Hermès tie. This is not required or ritualized, as in some Asian countries. Like Ranks Sit Across the Table: The highest-ranking person will sit opposite the most important foreign businessman.

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