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The source explains that “Carey doesn’t think it’s her husband’s job to console Diane.” Perhaps, but they do have a working history—remember Unfaithful? The source concluded that he “wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce announcement comes from Richard and Carey.” Yikes!

PHOTOS: Hollywood's shortest marriages "It started very recently and quietly," a source tells Us. I wouldn't even go as far as calling them a couple. It's the first time Padma has dated anyone since Teddy [Forstmann], and it's something she's been approaching very, very delicately. They're just having fun." Gere is currently filming the movie , in which he portrays a homeless man named George who is trying to reconnect with his daughter Maggie (Jena Malone). PHOTOS: Hollywood's friendliest exes The Indian-born cookbook author was married to writer Salman Rushdie for three years before divorcing in 2007, and dated billionaire Teddy Forstmann until his death at age 71 in 2011.PHOTOS: Unlikely celebrity couples Lakshmi, 43, lives in New York with Krishna, 3, her daughter with ex Adam Dell, the venture capitalist brother of computer legend Michael Dell. Before wedding actress Lowell, 52, Gere was previously married to Cindy Crawford for four years, divorcing in 1995. Neither party has commented on the potential romance.1989 - 1995Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere got married on December 12, 1991 in Las Vegas.They had no children together and divorced in 1995.There’s something about the predatory silver haired fox that never gets old!Richard Gere may have played a gentleman (by loose definition) in Pretty Women, but his real-life dating habits are far less romantic!

He married Carey Lowell in 2002 and the two have a 13-year-old son, but that won’t stop him from hitting on other women!

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin recently announced their split, and it seems she’s turned to none other than Richard to mend her broken heart!

Their budding friendship has wife Carey staring daggers and paranoid, and sources predict a divorce is in their future too!

Dare I say it—Diane seems to have the touch of death when it comes to marriage! We’ve heard that Richard and Carey have been on the rocks for a while, and enjoyed an explosive fight after he flirted with a waitress in the Hamptons.

“Carey is seething that Richard was the first to rush in and help a damsel in distress,” an insider told National Enquirer, print edition March 18, 2013. Now, “Carey is fed up with Richard’s roving eye—and his comforting Diane may be the final straw.” It seems a bit much on Carey’s part to be so upset; couldn’t Richard genuinely want to help?

“She knows he enjoys playing that role and believes he flirts with every vulnerable woman he stumbles upon.” Of course, we all know (thanks to Le Ann Rimes insightful interview) that an adulteress can’t break a marriage—it must already be broken! It says a lot when a wife automatically assumes her husband has ulterior motives!

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