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Replogle, since 1930, has a dedicated cartography staff that is in constant contact with the U. State Department and other mapping authorities so that the globes incorporate the most accurate maps.

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This is indicative of a commitment to quality, a commitment to doing things the right way, a commitment to the globe itself. Board of Geographic Names, and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Back to top The maps on all Replogle Globes show: nations and colonies, possessions, boundaries and place names, as officially approved by the United States Government. In addition to the sources listed above, Replogle communicates with embassies of other nations in Washington D. and foreign consulate offices in Chicago, for help with new changes in boundaries and names. In some regions you will find notes about political claims by neighboring nations, but the land color (and border) is shown in accordance with the region's actual political affiliation or status.

Maintenance of the content of the maps needs frequent communication with: the U. Also used is some material from official foreign place-name agencies equivalent to the U. Similarly, alternative or former place names are often shown in parentheses.

Back to top The Earth is actually tilted at an angle of 23.5º in relationship to the Sun.

Incidentally, this tilting gives us more or less daylight hours at certain times of the year and also causes the seasons to change.

Back to top The equator and the prime meridian are two imaginary reference lines.

We can determine all distances and locations using these reference lines.

The intersection of the equator and the prime meridian is point "0" and longitude and latitude lines establish the distance from this point.

The intersection of given latitude and longitude identifies a location (a place on the globe).

For example, Montreal is located 45º north (latitude) 73º west (longitude).

Back to top Antique (or beige colored) globes resemble ancient parchment.

They have an “Old World” appearance, which is popular for home decor or office settings.