Peavey classic 50 dating

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Peavey classic 50 dating - who is devin harris dating

The next thing which brings it down to a 7, is the lack of a valve guard on this model, if you're buying a recent one, then this will be an 8 for features.

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I have recently put a whole new set of JJ Telsa valves in, these suit the amp well, thsese or EH valves are best for the amp in my opinion.The amp is quite noisy, but only as noisy as any other all valve amp, so nothing of surprise here.I don't really like the Blue Marvel stock speaker in it, the amp really comes alive with a speaker change, I'm putting a Celestion Vintage 30 in it a the moment.I have cranked this a few times, and it really does sing.The Peavey Classic 30 was launched in the early '90s, and is a combination of design influences - from early Fender combos to modern high-gain amps.Features: 12" Blue Marvel speaker, 2 channel preamp.

Controls: master volume, reverb level, 3-band passive EQ (treble, middle, bass). It has pre and power amp gain knobs, and a normal channel volume.My Classic 30 is an early model, it doesnt have the valve guard as standard. I love the master EQ, I find this exteamly usefull when switching channels, it saves so much faff. The reverb is lovely and springy, may nt be long enough for hardcore 60s surf players, but it's long enough for most people.If you are a surfing Strat player, a new long spring tank is easy to install, and won't set you back too much.One thing I don't like is the boost switch, I've put it on once, and never used it again.I just can see the point of it, it adds way too much treble, and just makes the thing sound tinny.Another thing is the lack of a standby switch, this would be a very usefull mod, as on stage, there that annoying amount of time, which is too short to turn it off for, but you dont really feel like leaving it burning up for that amount of time.

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