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Online dating sex adventures - black and white teen dating

"Men just want a woman who is productive doing something.I've yet to see a man discount going out with a woman because she makes too much or not enough for him."But the statistics suggest otherwise.

Likewise, men who say they earn more than 0,000 have the greatest chance of hearing from a woman.

(Stats on interactions between same-sex online daters are harder to come by.)Alix Abbamonte is a 33-year-old freelance publicist in New York.

In the past few years, she's made several online profiles -- on Ok Cupid, Tinder, Match and e Harmony -- none of which have revealed her (variable) income.

Still, she always checks to see the salary of potential mates and uses that information to determine if she will give a guy the time of day.

For the most part, the pickings were bleak, but I was feeling giddy about my first date with a child psychiatrist. We'd exchanged a few flirty text messages and, judging by his photos, he was just my type -- tall, fit and handsome, with that bald-head-and-beard look that makes me swoon. I'm in the middle of a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge.) He likes books on spirituality and healing practices. I'm reading a book about mindfulness and depression.) But then, there was something that I hadn't noticed before: He'd listed his salary as somewhere between 0,000 and 0,000. And, to be honest, meeting a guy who makes in the high-six-figure range makes me think, Still reeling from the shock of seeing the psychiatrist's salary, I started to wonder: Should you list your income online?

Before we met for coffee, I checked his profile again to look for things we might talk about. Does it make you more -- or less -- desirable if you post a certain number?

Actually, my mother chastises me for dating men of modest means.

There are some women who only date guys with salaries in the high six-figures, but I am not one of those women.

Is it better just to avoid the whole issue and wait until the relationship gets serious to discuss it?

Personally, I didn't think I'd been trying to hide anything when I'd left the salary category on my own profile blank, but seeing my date's number made me sheepish about my own income (about ,000 a year) -- and glad that I hadn't revealed it.

Gina Stewart, an online dating coach with Expert Online, says that my salary shame is unfounded.

"Most men don't seem to care quite as much about what a woman makes as much as women care what men make," says Stewart.

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