Non exclusive dating rules

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Non exclusive dating rules - diya mirza and zayed khan dating

And even though I was concentrating so diligently on being a single gal, I also promised myself I’d never turn away from what could-be, just because I was afraid of what I may find.However, I never got to the point where I a relationship.

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Where I wanted to introduce him as my boyfriend to my friends or my family.Where I felt the need to have “The Talk” with him that every man on this planet intensely fears (and women too, for the matter).Where I hoped to accept a relationship request on Facebook.On the other hand, in keeping with the “no rules” – I decided to give myself sexual liberties. Since he’s been gone, there have obviously been some developments between us and certain things have changed.I have missed his company, but my life has also become increasingly busier and fuller.

My career has started to grow, along with my group of close girlfriends and contacts.I’ve placed more effort on my running time, indulged in more brunching, and meeting a collection of new interesting people.Within the next couple of months, not only will I continue through this 12-step program, but I’ll also be moving to a new apartment, and at last, Spring will be here and all of this cold weather will be a distant memory.Have I changed since the start of December when he caught his 10-hour flight? When I met him, I was at a point of complete self-discovery where I was determined to leave not only the past, but the bad habits I developed from old relationships and my own doings, far behind me.I had made a distinctive decision to be the captain of my own soul, to lead my life without worrying or stressing about men, and finding love –man at that, but a tall, attractive, and successful guy who made me laugh, who was intelligent and charming, and for whatever odd reason, we connected in a way that I don’t believe either of us could describe to give it its full merit.It wasn’t love at first sight, or maybe even love at all, but it was .