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New dating web

The bounds will be positioned inside the area bounded by the map type and navigation (pan, zoom, and Street View) controls, if they are present on the map.If the bounds is larger than the map, the map will be shifted to include the northwest corner of the bounds.

causes the tilt angle to automatically switch to 45 whenever 45° imagery is available for the current zoom level and viewport, and switch back to 0 whenever 45° imagery is not available (this is the default behavior).

45° imagery is only available for The maximum zoom level which will be displayed on the map.

If omitted, or set to null, the maximum zoom from the current map type is used instead.

Valid values: Integers between zero, and up to the supported maximum zoom level.

This reference documents version 3.25 (the release version) of the Maps Javascript API released August 17, 2016.

This release version of the API is a feature-stable version of the API whose interfaces are guaranteed to remain as documented within these pages until this version is retired.

To consult the latest (experimental) version of the Maps Javascript API, see the Experimental Development Reference.

Returns the lat/lng bounds of the current viewport.

If more than one copy of the world is visible, the bounds range in longitude from -180 to 180 degrees inclusive. the map Type is still null), or center and zoom have not been set then the result is Changes the center of the map by the given distance in pixels.

If the distance is less than both the width and height of the map, the transition will be smoothly animated.

Note that the map coordinate system increases from west to east (for x values) and north to south (for y values)..

It makes no guarantee where on the map the bounds will be, except that as much of the bounds as possible will be visible.

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