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That struggle deserves out interest, because it is not just a fight between armeed groups fighting for territory.

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all this gives many people reason to cheer the events as an important revolution – the Rojava Revolution.

Others, however, are less convinced, some – myself not excluded – have serious reservations.

Exchanges of opinions, sometimes furious ones, have been going on for months now.. Those of us expressing reservations on the Rojava process of change are often promptly accused of sectarianism or worse.

A rather shocking example of this put-down attitude appeared in ROAR Magazine, in general a very useful publication that sheds lights on many encouraging struggles against neoliberal capitalism the world over, but also a publication that, in its boundless enthusiasm, sometimes veers into the direction of cheerleading for a particular fight: that of Rojava.

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In Rojava, in the North of Syria, Kurdish fighters are struggling against IS, Islamic State.

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