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Pieshell is a Python shell environment that combines the expressiveness of shell pipelines with the prower of python iterators. Popen Boing is a toolkit designed to support the development of multi-touchand gesture enabled applications.

XStatic-angular-ui-router ------------------------- angular-ui-router javascript library packaged for setuptools (easy_install) / pip.This package is intended to be used by **any** project that needs these files.It intentionally does **not** provide any extra code except some metadata **nor** has any extra requirements.You MAY use some minimal support code from the XStatic base package, if you like.You can find more info about the xstatic packaging way in the package `XStatic`.# Ca Virtex Python SDK This project is a thin wrapper on top of the Ca Virtex API allows for easy integration to the API in the python programming language.## To Do - [x] public api - [x] trading api - [ ] merchant api I am currently unsure what the merchant API looks like, or how much use it would be supporting it here.

## Installation **Note :** This is not yet the case.Please clone and install via `pip install .` from within the clone, **for now**. ``` $ pip install cavirtex-sdk ``` ## Documentation Assume all of the following documentation begins with : ```python orders = cvx.orderbook( ... User.withdraw` ## Authors - Dawson Reid ([email protected])`, month=03, day=10) ..., month=03, day=20)) ``` #### `cavirtex.tradebook` #### `cavirtex.ticker` ### Private All private API requests are based around a user object. Installation ------------ Install doctr with pip .. code:: conda install -c conda-forge doctr **Note that doctr requires Python 3.5.** Usage ----- Run .. You will need your Git Hub username and password, and the repo you want to build the docs for. We recommend enabling `branch protection `_ for the ``gh-pages`` branch and other branches, as the deploy key used by Doctr has the ability to push to any branch in your repo. code:: yaml language: python python: - 3.5 sudo: false env: global: secure: "`_ used by Doctr itself for example. Be sure to run it in a Python 3.5 or newer section of your build matrix.The user object is created with the token and secret : ```python user = cvx. User.orders` **Note :** The following methods are not covered by tests. Then add the stuff to your ``.travis.yml`` and commit the encrypted deploy key. It should be in the same build in your build matrix as your docs build, as it reuses that. code:: html: SPHINXOPTS += -W to your Sphinx ``Makefile``.User(token, secret) ``` The user may then be queried for the following : #### `cavirtex. This will make Sphinx error even if there are warnings, keeping your docs more accurate. ** Deploying to Git Hub pages from Travis is not amazingly difficult, but it's difficult enough that we wanted to write the code to do it once.User.balance` **Returns :** ```javascript { BTC: ..., CAD: ..., LTC: ... We found that Travis docs uploading scripts are cargo culted and done in a way that is difficult to reproduce, especially the do-once steps of setting up keys.

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