My blood type dating

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My blood type dating - dating callan mcauliffe

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ANSWER: Well, I would not recommend one choose a mate based upon blood type, since, for example, I know many couples where the man is A and the woman is O (considered a very good combination in Japan! However, that same combination seems to work for me.

There is some evidence that certain components having to do with fertility can be shown to be under the influence of blood type, in particular, the level of antibodies a woman secretes into her vaginal tract that are directed toward other blood types can be shown to be under the influence of secretor status and diet.

Since the rejection of the man's sperm can often be the result of blood type incompatibility, and the level of antibody in the woman's cervical mucus can be controlled somewhat by diet, we have here a possible rationale for why following the blood type diet has been shown to be so successful in situations of marginal fertility. The woman I wrote about in Eat Right who had 23 miscarriages prior to seeing me, and gave birth a year later after following the diet, recently came back into my office with two more children!When I asked her why she didn't contact me when she was trying to conceive numbers two and three, she said she was rather tight on money so she just followed my directions for what to do for child number one.So the lesson here is not to necessarily choose your mate by blood type, but rather by adherence to the blood type program.Japanese people love to ask the question: “What’s your blood type?” Is that because they are concerned about your health?Are they worried that you might need a blood transfusion? It is because many of them believe that blood type determines your personality.

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