Movie dating quotes

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Movie dating quotes

: My brother, Larry- when I was a kid- told me that kids were supposed to run free in the park...

By now you know that no such rule book exists—and for good reason.Dating isn’t a linear process, like replacing the water pump on your car.It is creative, intuitive, and constantly changing.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ample clues lying around waiting to point you in the right direction—in movies, for instance. Some find them unrealistic, others find them overly sentimental.More still are probably just too cynical to handle all of the ~love~.

Regardless of how you feel about rom coms and rom drams in general, you have to admit that this much is true: They make love look like the best thing on the planet. We put together a list of the 14 most romantic quotes from movies that will undoubtedly restore you faith in true love.

Check ’em out below and tune into VH1 now until February 14 for all of your favorite romance movies.

: Yeah then I have to listen to your roommate have sex with Hilary, or Emily or whatever the girl's name is, until we fall asleep.

And then a year later we're still playing beer pong in the same bars with your friends except now you feel pressured to get married and have kids because you think that's what I want.

: You remember when you tried to tell me what your family thought about love?

You have a softness in your voice that- And love is how you touch me...

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