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” Emma asked.“Scones and gravy,” Rupert said, “Thought we needed something filling for breakfast since we'll be pretty busy.”Emma smiled and walked over to her laptop, picked it up and carried it back into the kitchen, setting it on the table.The file with her video was there, ready for her.“Daddy sent the video,” Emma said, as she downloaded the video, “Should I put it up now?

” Bonnie asked.“Yeah,” Emma said, “Here, I'll put it on speaker.”Emma set the phone down on the table.“Hi, Bonnie,” Rupert said.“Hello there, Rupert,” Bonnie said, “You seemed pretty speechless during the message.”“Emma did well on her own,” Rupert said, “I was just there for support.”Emma smiled and took a bite of a scone.“Are you on Twitter, Em?”“Going now,” Emma said, as she went to the website.New tweets about her and Rupert were appearing every few seconds.“So it begins,” Emma said.Okay, I can tell them that you are busy, given that it is the Christmas holiday coming up, but they are going to want to do something.”“So what do you think we should do?They want it for their show tomorrow evening.”“Hmm,” Emma said, “Any other details.”“They've offered to set up the whole thing at your house,” Brad said, “If we're willing to give them your address.”“Do you think that would be the easiest way?She also sent an e-mail to her agent, telling him her announcement was now up.“Now we wait,” Rupert said.“Yeah,” Emma said.

She grinned.“Oh,” she said, as she pressed 'read', “It's just Bonnie.”Just saw the video!Bon Emma grinned and pressed 'call', then put the phone to her ear.“Hello?Emma read through some of the tweets: So Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are dating.” Emma asked.“I can only see a couple of options,” Brad said, “You and Rupert come out to Hollywood this week to do an interview with them, or...They've offered to do an interview with you and Rupert via satellite tomorrow afternoon.” Emma asked.“Yeah, Emma,” Brad said, “I do.”“Okay,” Emma said.“They want to do it around three in the afternoon, your time,” Brad said, “They have a few people in the area already to set up the feed.

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