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“It feels like I’m a guest there.” The situation only got worse when Sam instructed Neil to “Betty Crocker it up” in the kitchen while she and her roommate left.

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So, when they do open up, we’re left to read between the lines.

In an interview with , Sam and Neil seemed much more comfortable with each other than they appear on the show.

“Our silly personalities mesh well together,” Neil said.

“We play off each other’s humor and it helps us have fun in this unconventional setting.” In another new interview with , Sam said she was unfair with Neil in the beginning. “It’s quite frustrating watching myself treat this amazing man so horribly.

Ya know when you know you have to do something, but you just can’t find the energy or the stamina. I usually enjoy writing my Married At First Sight recaps every Tuesday morning in anticipation of the new episode, but today I really just can’t find the interest. I was prepared for a disaster but she was so mature and rational.

It’s not because I […] Good Sex Drowns Out Any Issue Ok, we FINALLY got to see Lillian Vilchez’s reaction to Tom Wilson’s bus on last week’s Married At First Sight. […] OK, before I dive into my recap, I am happy to announce that we will FINALLY get to see Lillian Vilchez’s reaction when she finds out her new husband, Tom Wilson, lives on a bus in tonight’s Married At First Sight.

(Every week for like the last three weeks I thought he’d tell her – […] “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya! Ooh I wanna take you to Kokomo, we’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow…” -this song by The Beach Boys is the perfect Honeymoon song for the Married At First Sight couples in my humble opinion.

But what about the fates of Neil Bowlus and Sam Role?

Although their dynamic has been pretty difficult to read on the show, thanks to the people of the Internet, there are some good, spoiler-filled clues about whether Sam and Neil are still together.

The already-limited romance between Neil and Sam seems like it will hit a wall in tonight’s episode, “Breaking Down Barriers,” when the couple moves back in with Sam’s roommate.

Three tends to be a crowd in marriages, especially those on as shaky as Sam and Neil’s.

“There’s no space for me,” Neil said in a preview for .