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Although the oppression of women in some foreign countries is routine, we ought not to forget cases like the recent ones in Malaysia in which three women were caned for having extramarital intercourse and another awaits a caning decision for, *gasp*, drinking beer.

They are the first women to receive such a sentence under Islamic law in the country.

The punishments come as another Malaysian woman waits to hear whether her caning - for drinking beer - is carried out.

Malaysia’s majority Malays are subject to Islamic laws, while the large Chinese and Indian minorities are not.

Shortly after midnight a white patrol van rolls out of the compound that houses the headquarters of Kuala Lumpur's religious police.

Inside are eight uniformed enforcement officers, seven men and one woman, whose navy blue uniform is set off by a multi-coloured or headscarf.

The mood of the team is a strange combination of joviality and religious zeal.

Officer Akmal Adzin, a cheery, moon-faced man, is leading the patrol.

"We have received complaints from members of the public about offenses relating to close proximity," he tells me.

Under Malaysia's version of Sharia law, the crime of or ‘close proximity’ between unmarried, unrelated Muslim members of the opposite sex is punishable by a fine of $US750 and up to two years in prison.

The patrol's first stop is a budget hotel out in the suburb of Sungai Besi.

At the reception desk, an employee obligingly prints out a list of all the Muslim hotel guests and the team ascends to the upper floors in a lift. Going from room to room, the lead officer puts his thumb over the peep-holes in the doors, knocks loudly and demands that the occupants open up.

"JAKIM," he says, pronouncing the Malay acronym for the State Religious Affairs Department.

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