Linksys 1 45 7 not updating dyndns

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For example by putting a small embedded system web server in our house, we could easily monitor such as alarm, temperature or even turn on/off the lamp or the garden’s water sprinkle; eventually from any remote location through the wireless personal gadget; Or perhaps you just want to impress your relative or friend with a very accurate digital clock which automatically synchronized the time through the Network Time Protocol (NTP) over the internet at your home or office.

Wiznet W5100, W5300, Microchip ENC28J60 and wireless such as the Microchip ZG2100MC Wi-Fi module (recently is acquired by Microchip from the Zero-G Wireless on Jan 11, 2010).

On this tutorial we are going to build the embedded web server using the Wiznet WIZ811MJ network module which is based on the Wiznet well known W5100 TCP/IP hardwired chip that include the ethernet controller physical layer (PHY).

The WIZ811MJ network module comes with the Wiznet W5100 chip, MAG-JACK (RJ45) together with the glued logic needed to communicate with the microcontroller through the SPI or bus interface.

The reason I choose the Wiznet 5100 based chip on this tutorial because this chip has the TCP/IP hardwired on it; therefore it will make developing the TCP/IP protocol stack based application much easier and could be implemented on the small RAM size microcontroller class compared to the firmware TCP/IP protocols stack based implementation approach (you don’t have to know everything about the TCP/IP protocol stack in order to be able to use this chip).

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