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When they move to his family's estate, Constance (Connie) meets ... Marlon Brando was attached to Marc Allegret's version in the late 50's, and in 1964 Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were briefly mentioned for a touted remake in the UK.

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The Standard Class 4-6-0 is number 75043 - this number was not allocated until nationalisation of the four big railway companies and the formation of British Railways in 1947.

See more » Pretty typical Golan & Globus production with better than average art direction and cinematography.

The estate is beautiful--as is Sylvia Kristel--but the adaptation is flat and whole thing feels flabby.

A bit of sex goes with the story, of course, and it's done well enough; but it's nothing like Kristel's soft core films.

She reads her aunt's diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at ... His four grown sons include Dmitri, the eldest, an elegant ...

Watch the video Cynthia inherits her aunt's large estate and moves in. Fyodor is a wealthy libertine who holds his purse strings tightly.

After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady Chatterly is torn between her love for her husband and her physical desires. See full summary » 2016 marks the sixth year Peter Dinklage has been nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister on the HBO series "Game of Thrones." "No Small Parts" takes a look at some roles in his career that subverted stereotypes.See full summary » In 1913 Connie Reid marries wealthy Nottingham colliery owner Sir Clifford Chatterley but he returns from the Great War disabled and in a wheelchair. See full summary » Steven Gold is a stand-up comedian who is flat broke and has recently dropped out of medical school.He and several others work regularly at the Gas Station, a New York comedy club. See full summary » A multi-faceted film based on Raymond Jean's novel "La Lectrice".Constance (Miou-Miou) reads the novel aloud in bed to her lover.Inspired by the story of Marie, a woman who advertises her... After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady Chatterly is torn between her love for her husband and her physical desires.See full summary » Lady Constance Chatterley is married to the handicapped Sir Clifford Chatterley, who was wounded in the First World War. With her husband's consent, she seeks out other means of fulfilling her needs.

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