Is melyssa ford dating raekwon

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Walk with us as we take a brief stroll down memory lane….

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They were the first rap group on MTV four years after its inception.Honorable Mentions: Whodini: “Friends” – 1985 ; Fat Boys: “Stick ‘Em” – 1985 Rap was not afraid to have fun.Sure, there were the Schooly D’s and Just Ice’s doing their thing, but they weren’t filling up stadiums at the time.This was Will Smith before the summer blockbusters and Jazzy Jeff before repeated ejection from a Bel Air Mansion.Originally discovered by Paul Oakenfold – yes, that Paul Oakenfold – the duo set their own rap landmark, by taking home the first Rap Grammy.Honorable Mentions: Beastie Boys: “Fight For Your Right” – 1986 ; Whistle: “Only Buggin” – 1986 The God Rakim just rhyming around the way.

There were no exotic locations – the hood was a good enough back drop.At this point in time, videos could look like they cost a million dollars to make, but if the music wasn’t up to scratch, you would get called out for it.Honorable Mentions: Dana Dane: “Nightmares” – 1987 ; Kool Moe Dee: “Wild Wild West” – 1987 This was a bruising introduction to The World’s Most Dangerous Group in its‘ most celebrated incarnation.Up until now – the whole concept of ‘a band that everyone fears’ had only really been exploited by rock groups.This video set the tone from the word ’go.’ There were mob scenes. Honorable Mentions: Salt N’ Pepa: “Push It” – 1988; Slick Rick: “Children’s Story” – 1988 There was a definite correlation between the militancy of Chuck D’s call to arms and Spike Lee’s concept of a march in Brooklyn for this video, which was also a single from the ‘Do The Right Thing’ soundtrack.There were shots of people walking with their shoes on fire and Eazy E talking all kinds of madness in a voice that sounded like it could have belonged to a cartoon character. It is possible that some of America‘s upper class saw this and instantly barricaded themselves in their houses, fearing the long spoken of Revolution had begun.

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    She first gained recognition through her breakout role as Ruoxi in the Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart, and has since gone on to undertake more notable roles in television dramas and films.

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