Intimidating people skyrim

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Intimidating people skyrim

This mod allows you to roleplay as a highwayman character.

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I am working on an optional mod that lifts the restrictions, and lets you rob anyone except children and guards (unless you want to end up in jail).There are two different reactions: Scared - Will give you their valuables in exchange for their lives.Brave - Refuses to be intimidated, and challenges you to a fight to the death.You will instantly become enemies with anyone you rob.You will earn an increase in speechcraft if you intimidate someone into giving you their valuables.Since the crimes happen outside the cities and towns of Skyrim, the guards are not notified and you won't receive a bounty. Kiara was a refugee from Morrowind who moved to Skyrim in hopes of a better future, but work was very hard to come by so she found herself begging and stealing to get by.

Those people you let live have a good chance to call the dark brotherhood or bandit thugs to go after you. While visiting Riften, Kiara heard of the thieves guild and longed to join.

Then one day, she got the opportunity she had waited for. He told her thievery was his line of work and asked her to do a simple job that involved taking a ring from a merchant and stashing it on an unsuspecting Dunmer.

"Easy enough", Kiara thought to herself, but one thing led to another, and she totally botched the job.

He then divulged his true identity as Brynjolf of the thieve's guild.

"This was a test; and sorry lass, you failed.", Brynjolf told Kiara. She knew she wasn't too good at pickpocketing or lockpicking, and her sneak skills left much to be desired.

Kiara returned to her room at the bunkhouse and cried herself to sleep.

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