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Huge online dating - Chat up men on a webcam

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Marc has come up with some ideas about where he thinks the online dating market is going in 2009 by looking at various verticals.

Given that the online distribution has changed at a robust rate in the last six months or so due to the deepening global recession, so have the distribution costs.

It is one thing to purchase distribution on a CPM basis; it’s a whole other to purchase it on a CPA basis through performance networks.

There is without a doubt more inventory available at affordable rates today than in recent years.

On one hand you want to find your ideal partner quickly and be presented to as many other singles as possible.

On the other side you don’t want to get messages from random people that will clog your inbox.

Ideally there are only singles that match your desires writing to you.

With this concept in mind we added some little features the last days that improved Flirtsofa’s single-search as well as the privacy of all singles on Flirtsofa.

We expected some changes in our user’s behavior but we never imagined that the changes would affect the user experience on Flirtsofa that much.

Yes, some singles asked us for that improvements and they were absolutely right: We could measure huge impact und profile-clicks, sent smiles, and sent messages which all increades massively.

Our stats show some details: We are happy that we could realize a users’ wish and glad to see that our improvements find such a positive feedback.

Now we are looking forward even mor for your feedback how we can improve Flirtsofa in the future.