How do you stop twitter from automatically updating facebook

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How do you stop twitter from automatically updating facebook - Bisex chat ny

When I started using Facebook almost four years ago, I understood the basic idea: connecting and reconnecting with friends.

I didn’t want to annoy the friend by not playing, but I didn’t really care to find out if I was “soulmates” with a casual friend (as one game suggested about a friend with similar favorite movies).Somehow, I don’t think is defined as someone you drift out of touch with until a computer program finds the person.As I was trying to figure out Facebook, I started using Twitter, which was even more confusing at first (fewer friends were using, and I didn’t understand the 140-character limit).But as I started to understand Twitter and use it more, it quickly soared past Facebook in my understanding, appreciation and use.When I learned that a Facebook app would post most of my tweets to Facebook (not replies), I suddenly was able to become active on both platforms, without having to master social media multitasking. You can tweet a few dozen times a day and that’s fine.But no one likes when people update that often on Facebook.

By the time I learned about that bit of social media etiquette, I already had some true friends hiding my updates.But other friends who weren’t on Twitter were responding frequently to me on Facebook. Just as we all tolerate some quirks of our real-life friends, I appreciated that some Facebook friends were tolerating my tweets and accepted that others were hiding them. I blogged about how annoying it is for people to auto-sync their Foursquare and Twitter accounts, so that every check-in or every mayorship becomes an automatic tweet.(I do selectively tweet sometimes from Foursquare, commenting on what I’m doing where I’m checking in.) I was right in that tweet, but I should have recognized then that my auto-syncing with Facebook and Twitter was just as annoying.As social media director for Journal Register Co., I have been watching recent developments in Facebook and planning to blog for my JRC (and now Media News) colleagues about using Facebook effectively as a journalist. So I just un-synced my Facebook and Twitter accounts.I considered whether to keep them synced, but not automatic, but I know I’m not likely to remember very often to put #fb on tweets I want posting to Facebook.So I’m going to tweet when I should tweet and update when I should update.

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