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Due to poplar demand you can now post ads without registering an account, however if you want to manage your ads with your own Dashboard you will need to register.We have just added an interracial category for you - please feel free to post ads in it. In the era of sexual fluidity and the rise of the “brojob” (when a bro “helps out” another bro) a new app is allowing men who don’t identify as gay to hook up for friendship, sex or more.Today, there’s a growing movement to separate a person’s sexual activity from their identity.In other words, you are not necessarily defined as gay or straight or even bisexual on the basis of who you have sex with. There’s also growing evidence to suggest that as homosexuality becomes more accepted, men who don’t identify as gay or bisexual are feeling freer to interact sexually with other men.Plus, some of us may simply just not like being labelled.

That’s where the new dating app BRO comes into play. ” BRO founder, Scott Kutler, said in an interview with Global Dating Insights last year that his app caters to men who “are looking for friendships, dates, and long-term relationships.

According to the app’s description, “BRO goes beyond using labels, and is for men that are interested in meeting other men. We aren’t opposed to men meeting on it to hook up, but it’s not at the forefront of the app like many of BRO’s competitors.” He explained that he was inspired to create the app because he felt that “there was a huge segment of men that don’t feel welcome in the ‘gay’ community – be it ‘bi’ guys or gay men that don’t fit the ‘gay’ stereotype.

I wanted to move beyond the hookup culture that many apps and websites have catered to.” According to a recent report, more Americans than ever are acknowledging that they are sexually attracted to more than one sex, with 11.4 percent of men aged 18-24 saying that they’re attracted to both men and women.

Will BRO take off or do you think it’s just a short-lived gimmick?

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