Gay older men dating younger men

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Gay older men dating younger men

There are sucess stories in Older/Younger..there are plenty of gold-digger stories too.%0D %0D I'm 54 and a "daddy" and younger guys go for me in a big way. It was harder when I was mid 30s and he was 50ish and starting to slow down but by that time we had been together a long time and had adjusted to each other and could give each other space. Hell, in reality 7 years is considered technically to be the next generation.

(I know there's a whole community out there, so there must be a lot of success .... )%0D %0D I know of one couple where they met when the younger guy was in his early 20's and the older guy was in his 40's ..... Although I have more material posessions than he, he is self-sufficient and works. Deluded old geezers with boys who have daddy issues? This is all just my opinion, which is unfailingly cynical. 19 years difference in our ages - 25 glorious years together.

but seriously, do you know of a lot of success stories ? This relationship just happened as I normally like guys my own age. No 44 year old on the planet has much in common with a 22 year old CHILD (who can't find his ass with both hands no matter how "mature" he acts. Or get their egos stroked because the young guys say all the perfect and right things because THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT.%0D %0D There IS NO PARITY IN THESE RELATIONSHIPS.%0D %0D But, hey, have at it.

With all that said, we both are madly in love with each other. %0D %0D Older men who even WANT to be with someone that much younger are a mess. Or are horny skeeves who lust after the young meat.

I just met a 27 y/o man from Thailand; I am 64 and in pretty good shape for my age (Yes dears, I have all my teeth and don't need Viagra). It may not be the ONLY reason the kids stick around but it sure greases those wheels. NADA.) other than you both like dick.%0D %0D ALL the older guys are lonely and don't want to be alone.

Sex is great, but after that I find that we have nothing in common. I am sorry but I believe anyone looking for love with a big age difference like that has underlying unaddressed issues.

R3 is simply an angry dude with no particular expertise or experience- just an angry person's cynical take on something.%0D %0D Funny how most of the posts think the older guys are deluded geezers etc. or perhaps neither is true and it happens because like equal ages, they are attracted to each other.%0D %0D Lord knows it is common in the heterosexual world so why not the gay world?

I have not and cannot imagine being in a relationship with someone 20 years or more, never mind 10 years younger, or older. I have had a difficult enough time with those my own age.%0D %0D Whatever works to make two people happy is what works for me.Sorry, Charlie, R3 makes a valid point, albeit in a very irritating fashion.Generally speaking, a 44 year-old involved with a 22 year-old is indeed deluding himself, as is a 64 year old involved with a 27 year-old. The older men are far too needy and the younger men are far too curious about what else is out there.However, once the younger party is over 30, all bets are off.A 33 year-old pairing off with a 50 or 60 year old might stand a chance, since the younger man has done some living by that point and might have a stronger handle on what he really wants from a partner."There are issues people and you all know it.

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