Galaxy s3 email widget not updating

04-Dec-2015 05:05 by 9 Comments

Galaxy s3 email widget not updating - online speed dating ottawa

So I received the OTA update today and installed it.

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For purposes of this article, we will tackle each Motion activation in the order they appear in the menu.

Before you can use any of the Motion settings, you need to enable Motion activation on the Galaxy S3.This is as simple as placing a check mark in the Motion activation box.Direct call is a very convenient feature – as long as you remember it is enabled.Imagine you are looking up a particular contact to find their number, email or whatever.I did find that it is possible to forget this feature is enabled and accidentally call someone when lifting the phone up in one of these apps – but, overall, this is a very cool feature.Smart alert is a way to make sure you are notified about missed calls and alerts.