Freeshemal chat

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Freeshemal chat

Initial years of our marriage were rather dry with both being illiterate in terms of sex life. I found out that lookwise she is very hot but keeps herself covered and quiet. Let me tell you her statistics: She is 5'5" tall, fair, with a figure of 36-32-34. This we did for many days and each night she told me that she wants another dick in her pussy. I am sure, many of our fellow indians go through the same situation. My wife tells me that I am the best boob sucker in the world :) And if any woman gets her boobs sucked by me then she will never forget the experience throughout her life.

It took years of trial and error and efforts and today the results are mind-blowing. So I asked her, whom do you like from our known ones.. Finally, she gave me 2-3 names of some of my best friends. To make her more bold and free, I told her that lets go to a mall and roam around, but you need to wear a white shirt on jeans and no bra inside and no panty inside.

I encouraged her to give me hot photographs of her. Initially, she said no and later she agreed happily. I wanted to make her free and bold and so I did all this things.

For this I bought a 6MP camera for 17,000/- specially for this. Well, she was looking hot and when we went there, I could see her boobs swaying here and there and she too felt it. In return, I was getting a hot wife who would do anything in sex.

Then I started taking her pics and posted them on net to get comments. I also started sending some of the pics to those 2-3 of my friends. I told him that I do not have and need to take more. Now, since she was free with my friend, we saw few porn movies on my mobile at a public place too and showed my wife his erected dick through his pant.

We are a site that allows you to meet and chat with trangenders and the people who love them.

You will not be judged and your infomation will be private.

We support free speach and believe people should be the free to do what they please.

3 rounds each night, The girls at Betty's Mayonnaise will provide you with the evening's entertainment.

Occasionally there's a very cost-effective all-you-can-drink special - don't miss out on it!

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A Housewife: Shy to Hottie Hello readers, I am a writing my own life-experience over here. It has been almost 11 years now since our marriage and today I feel that I have the hottest and horniest wife in the world. Slowly, I started to feel more and more horny, but my wife was not achieving that state of sexiness. Inintially, she didnt like them, but slowly she herself asked me to get more. I suck her for 20 minutes on each of her boob while I finger her pussy. Now, I started asking her whether she wants dick in her pussy of my friend and she responded by saying yes yes yes.

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