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was one of the first interactive marketing agencies based in San Diego, California.In the mid-1990s it was also the largest such company.It pioneered several innovations in web development and internet software industry.Throughout the years 1993 to 1997, over 80 professionals worked at Bien Logic in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.Many of these designers, programmers, account and sales executives, managers went on to start other companies that continue to exist and thrive today, especially Site Lab and Netrics.Bien Logic was founded in February 1993 by Frederic Bien in collaboration with Michel Delory, George Geller and Dina Tsoukas.

Peter Yianilos, an inventor of spell-checking products, founder of Proximity Inc.

and former President of Franklin Electronic Publishers, was the first angel investor in the company.

The initial plan was to create educational software for handheld digital books and personal digital assistants.

As an associate professor of mathematics at UCSD, Frederic Bien was encouraged by Chancellor Dick Atkinson and by Professor Pat Suppes at Stanford University; both co-founders of CCC (Computer Curriculum Corporation) then owned by Simon & Schuster.

After a well-received presentation to Simon & Schuster CEO Dick Snyder who was an early believer in handheld electronic books, CCC's CEO Ron Fortune gave a substantial contract to Bien Logic in 1993 to develop the first educational digital book on the e Book/BOOKMAN platform of Franklin.

Within a few months, Bien Logic delivered two prototype products: Match Coach (for Simon & Schuster) and Spanish Coach (for Apple Newton).