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You can place insect repellents such as herbal oils into the storage container, but little is known about their effectiveness.

John, who works for the Montana Department of Corrections, often interacts with people facing the reality of our finite time on Earth.

If you re spending the rest of your life in prison, you know, it makes you think about the mortality of life, he says.

What s important is not how long you live, but rather what you do with the life you re given. For years she has worked in a local dermatology office.

She knows all too well the cultural pressures to stay young, and wishes more people would embrace the inevitability of getting older.

She was rushed to the front door on the floor, but the door was locked, and just in this appendix and I caught her. Natasha was, as always, without a bra, and it is not very large, but round and full sisechki through the thin silk blouse was extremely pleasant to the touch.

Realizing that she had nowhere to go, she turned back to me, hiding from me the subject of my pride production and huddled in a corner.

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